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Ty's HF 7x10 Mini Lathe Page

This is my SMALL machine shop.

I own a Central Machinery ( Runmaster) 7x10 Mini Lathe, and a Sherline Model 2000 Vertical Mill.
I purchased both items with the idea being that if I didn't like, or couldn't use them well,
that I would not have THOUSANDS of dollars tied up in them. I have found that I can pick up
a new skill very quickly, and currently am building an arsenal of tooling for both mill & lathe.

Harbor Freight/Central Machinery 7x10 Mini Lathe

Front of the 7x10

Left Side of the 7x10

This is a nice lathe within its limits. It is called a 7x10 but, the maximum you can turn with this little jewel is around 3" ( with the cross slide under the workpiece that is...). It can turn a piece just under 10" or so in length. I have found this lathe to be a real joy to use, and am getting really comfortable with the idea that there is probably nothing I cannot make with it ( within its size limits of course ).


What my 7x10 came with:
  • A 4 position toolpost. ( Capable of holding up to 5/8" Tools. 

  • My center height is dead on 5/16"above the bottom of the tool holing area.)
  • A Live Center. MT#2 
  • A Tail Stock ( Adjustable ) Bore is MT#2. 
  • Two combination wrenches 8mm-10mm, 14mm-17mm. 
  • Assorted Metric Allen wrenches. 
  • A plastic oil bottle. 
  • 3" 3 jaw chuck ( Self Centering ). 
  • A Fair Manual. ( Images Muddy & Dark, But Good Info.) 
  • A set of change gears for 26 different threads.
Accessories ( From runmaster Web Page )
  • 1. 80mm 3-jaw chuck & backplate
  • 2. Opening wrench(14-17mm) 3pcs
  • 3. Hexagon socket head drive 4pcs (3,4,5 & 6mm)
  • 4. Oil gun
  • 5. Thread dial
  • 6. Center & 5A fuse one each
  • 7. Motor 1/2HP(375W)
  • 8. Change gear Imperial M=1, Z=30,35,40(2pcs),

  • 40,55,57,60,65 & 40
    Metric M=1, Z=30,35,40(2pcs),
  • 9. 4-way tool post
  • 10. Chip tray & rear splash guard

Specifications ( From Runmaster Web Page )

Max.swing over bed 180mm(7")
Max.swing over cross slide  90mm(3 1/2") 
Max.length of workpiece  200mm(7 1/3") 
Max.length of turning  127mm(5") 
Hole through spindle  20mm(3/4") 
Taper or spindle bore  M.T.No.3 
Speed range of spindle  200-2800 r.p.m. (variable speeds) 
Longitudinal feed (imperial)  0.005"-0.0069" 
Longitudinal feed (metric)  0.127mm-0.177mm 
Inch threads can be cut  12-52T.P.I. 
Metric threads can be cut  0.5-2.5mm 
Dia.of tailstock sleeve  22mm 
Taper of quill sleeve  M.T.NO.2 
Max.travel of tailstock sleeve  40mm(9/16") 
Motor horse power  1/2HP(375W) 
Net weight  31kgs(no stand) 
Gross weight  35kgs(no stand) 

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