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Please Feel Free to use these targets. I used Visio 4.0 to draw them (Highly Recomended) All I ask is give credit where credit is due. I took NRA Targets Dimensions so I could practice for NRA/DCM matches. I did this because none of the local gun shops carry SR-1, SR-21c, or MR-31c targets. The SR-? targets are within 1/16 inch of the NRA target dimensions. The scope targets are Ty Hoeffer Inventions. If you would like a particular target created on an 8.5x11 piece of paper E-Mail me & send the dimentions of the rings/boxes/ whatever & I would be glad to draw them up. I am limited to 8.5x11 pieces of paper due to my printers ( HP LJ II and HP DJ-660cse ).

How to use these targets?

8.5x11 Adobe PDF Targets
SR-1 Look alikeSR-21 Look alikeMR-31c Look AlikeRifle Scope Prototype
Rifle Scope Sight In>Rifle Scope Sight In V2.0Rifle Scope Sight In v2.5Rifle Sight In v3.0
25 Meter SightinLowlight SightinM16a1 25m TargetM16a2 25m Target
25 Ft. Air Pistol25 Ft. Air RifleOSAMAOrange Diamonds
Scope Sight In
CQB Scope 11x17CQB Scope 8.5x11Shot Analysis Target
Right Hand
Shot Analysis Target
Right Hand BLACK
RED DOT ScopeScope DOT 11x17in

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