Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad, Inc. Charlottesville Emergency Communications Center Rescue Incident Display System
The Charlottesville - Albemarle Co. Area

Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. Western Albemarle Rescue Squad, Inc.
  From DATE: MM / DD / YYYY   To DATE: MM / DD / YYYY
  From UNIT #:
 Enter an EXACT UNIT # AM141, TR701 or enter ONLY the first digit like 7 for
 ALL units from that agency (RESCUE 7 in this case) OR...
 You can get fancy & enter 14% for all RESCUE-1's Ambulances OR...
 OR ask for ALL Trauma Level Units by entering TR% All Squads SQ%, etc.
 Just be careful... You can get Fire apparatus mixed in if your query string matches
 Like entering C% will get you C1, C50, C20, C131, C132, C507...
 Just like entering 7% will get you ANY unit with a 7 in it. E7,E71,TR147,C507 etc.

  Enter an EXACT PHRASE or enter the first part like 207 R for 207 RIDGE ST
  or you can enter a PERCENT SIGN '%' for anything on RIDGE like this:
  DO NOT enter a PERCENT SIGN at the end of the string, as one is automatically added.


The search operates on ALL CATEGORIES at the same time.

    Search criteria spanning more than 200 entries will be truncated down to 200 rows.
    This also means you can enter only the first DATE or UNIT or INCIDENT # & receive the NEXT 200 entries.
    The display will show how many records matched your QUERY, But will only show the 1st 200 entries per query.
    To keep response times short.     Otherwise your browser would appear to lock up while it received up to 11000+ calls/year.

If you REALLY need a full report, ask Ty Hoeffer to write you a report generator that will email you the FULL search.

PLEASE - Fill in all fields in the CATEGORY. ie. ENTER a MONTH & DAY & YEAR, not just MONTH & YEAR.
The SEARCH will not assume ANYTHING. ALL GARBAGE IN / GARBAGE OUT rules apply.



For Help using this system, email me at:

The RIDS system (c)2002 By Ty Hoeffer