Requirements to Become A Senior Rescue Technician

Senior Rescue Technician

The Senior Rescue Technician (SRT) is highly experienced and operates on the scene of rescues as a supervisor. SRTís also act as vehicle rescue course instructors and STOP preceptors and are regarded as being trustworthy, knowledgeable, level-headed and able to make decisions under difficult and stressful situations. At least one SRT is required to respond anytime a squad truck is sent to an emergency incident. Any person who meets the requirements stated below may apply for SRT status:

  • Must be a Squad Operator-II.
  • Must have ten (10) documented vehicle extrications. The extrications shall include a variety of equipment usage (i.e. spreaders, rams, air bags, winch, etc.). The documentation shall include what the SRT candidate did on the scene and a critique of his/her actions via a SRT candidate call evaluation form with attached copy of the call sheet.
  • Must maintain all required certifications.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in teaching classroom and practical classes.
  • Must be approved by the Squad Truck Operations Committee.

    The following requirements are to be satisfactorily completed and signed:

    ∑ 10 documented vehicle extrications with an SRT candidate call evaluation form attached to each one.

    Training Requirements:

    ∑ Is a released Squad Operator-II.


  • Collect at least 10 SCIRís where you played a major part in the rescue.
  • Submit a request to the Squad Truck Operations Committee. This request shall contain copies of all SCIRís and the SRT Candidate Call Evaluation Form.

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