Requirements to Become A Squad Technician

Squad Truck Technician

The Squad Truck Technician (STT) is the entry level for the Squad Truck Operations Program (STOP). The STT program is designed to take an individual who has the minimum certifications & training to make him/her a proficient and productive member of the vehicle rescue team. STT’s have the knowledge, skills and abilities to operate all vehicle extrication equipment that is carried on CARS squad trucks with a high degree of proficiency. CARS members who have successfully completed the STT program will be designated a Squad Truck Technician. Any individual that meets the following prerequisites may apply for the STT program:

Beginning Training Requirements:

Once you have received the appropriate approvals, you will be assigned a preceptor by the Vehicle Rescue Captain. The training and certification process to become a Squad Technician involve completing the following steps in order:


Training Steps:

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