Requirements to Become A Squad Operator

Squad Operator I

The Squad Operator I (SO-I) is someone who has met all the requirements to drive and operate Squad 134 and is allowed to perform basic light vehicle extrications with a minimum of supervision. Squad 134 is the primary extrication truck for the following types of incidents:

Squad 134 is also the back-up unit to tow the collapse trailer when Squad 135 is not available.

SO-Iís are expected, but not required, to advance to the next level which is Squad Operator II when they feel comfortable to do so.

The following is a listing of information that is required for each SO-I to know thoroughly:

The following requirements are to be satisfactorily completed sequentially and signed:

Training Requirements:


Additional Information:

The STT must complete all training and checklist requirements in no less than two (2) months and no greater than six (6) months and advance to SO-I.

The STT has 6 months to obtain EVOC class III from the date they complete the driverís training requirements. If the STT does not have EVOC class III within 6 months, the SO-I status will be revoked and entry must be made back into the STOP.

If it takes greater than 6 months for the STT to become a SO-1, they shall wait a period of 1 year before entry back into the program can be made.

While not required, it is highly desirable that the Squad Operator I obtain the following certifications:

Any member who allows his/her certification to elapse shall return all issued PPE and shall not operate any rescue equipment until his/her certification is re-instated.

Any member whose certification has lapsed must meet with the Vehicle Rescue Captain to set up a plan of remediation. Upon satisfactory completion of the plan, the member's status shall be reinstated by the Vehicle Rescue Captain.

Squad 134 is also the back-up truck to pull the heavy trailers. The SO-I is not able to perform this task, this is done at the SO-III level.

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