What can we do to avoid being sick or avoid spreading the flu?

  • First and foremost - GET YOUR FLU SHOT! It is essential that you get your flu shot every year, especially if you are working with sick people.
  • Eat right and exercise - Fruits, veggies, vitamins and all the good stuff that makes us healthy can keep us healthy during cold and flu season. Also, a walk through the neighborhood, a visit to the gym or a heavy round of CPR can help keep you fit and fight off diseases.
  • Wash your hands - Can you believe that there are health care workers who don’t wash their hands?! Yuck. I hope you are not one of them - wash your hands with warm water, soap and sing “Happy Birthday” while you are doing it! Singing Happy Birthday is actually the amount of time you should spend scrubbing those fingers - don’t forget under the nails and the backs of your hands.
  • Cover your mouth - If you are coughing, be sure to cover your mouth with a tissue, and then immediately throw away the tissue and wash your hands, or cover your mouth with your sleeve! Please don’t hack into your hands and then start touching things - again, that is yucky.
  • Stay home when you are sick - One of the worst things is the co-worker who comes in the red runny nose, then coughs on the coffee pot and leaves their nasty tissues all over their desk. Don’t you wish they would just go home and get better? Make sure that is not you!

    There are a lot of resources on what to do if you are sick and how to stay healthy on the Virginia Department of Health’s Web site at www.vdh.virginia.gov.

    Information provided by the Virginia Office of EMS Emergency Prepardness Guide.

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