Motor vehicle crashes are the No.1 killer of U.S. teens, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Ultimately, teen drivers hold the key to reversing this epidemic. But they can’t do it alone. According to The National Young Driver Survey, conducted by researchers at State Farm® and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia®, teens said they want and need their parents to be involved, too.

We want to inspire parents and teens to talk about good driving habits.

Message Points:

  • Distractions are deadly for teen drivers. Distractions are the No. 1 reason new drivers crash, and car crashes are the leading killer of teens.
  • Peer passengers are a major factor in fatal teen crashes. Just one teen passenger doubles the risk a teen driver will get in a fatal crash. Having three or more peer passengers quadruples the risk.
  • Few teens know about this risk. Only 1 in 10 teens consider the presence of peer passengers to influence their safety
  • Teens can “ride like a friend” by wearing a seat belt, reducing distractions, respecting the driver, and helping the driver if asked. These safe passenger behaviors will help reduce crash risk and injuries and death due to crashes.
  • Teens should limit peer passengers during the first year of independent driving. Fatal crash risk hits a lifetime high in the first six months of independent driving. Teen drivers should have no passengers under age 21 during the first six months after licensure, and no more than one peer passenger for the second six months.
  • Teen passengers should not ride with novice drivers. Most teen passengers who die on the road are riding with teen drivers. Teens should not ride with peers for at least the first six months of independent driving.

    Download Driving Through The Eyes Of Teens, a joint research study by State Farm and Children's Hospital.

    We hope you'll think of ways to get your teen agers involved. No one has a stronger influence on a teenager than another teen!

    Tips courtesy of State Farm Insurance

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