The Rescue Incident Display System (RIDS) was developed by Ty Hoeffer, our resident computer guru, along with Gabe Elias from the Charlottesville-Albemarle Emergency Communications Center (ECC). RIDS takes data from the computer aided dispatch (CAD) computer at ECC and displays it using a graphical interface. The information is also inserted into an SQL database file for research.

In the past, ambulance crews had times and incident numbers faxed from ECC to the hospital after they arrived. This system was inefficient and prone to break-down, especially during peak call loads. Computers with I-net access will were placed at local hospitals that are tied into RIDS so crews can receive the data quicker. RIDS is also be used by field supervisors to keep track of unit status changes and monitor call loads.

If you have questions about RIDS, e-mail Ty Hoeffer.

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