Squads are essentially large tool boxes, which carry many specialized tools for rescue and fire suppression. Many people are familiar with one piece of equipment carried on rescue squads: the Hurst Tool. This is a hydraulic rescue tool used to free people trapped in auto accidents. In addition to the rescue equipment, rescue squads also carry much of the same fire suppression and forcible entry tools that a truck company does. On fire calls, the rescue squads function much like a truck company without an aerial ladder. The minimum manning personnel is a squad operator and vehicle rescue technician. CARS operates three heavy rescue squad trucks.

Squad 134 is the primary extrication truck for the following types of incidents:

Squad 134 is also the back-up unit to tow the collapse trailer when Squad 135 is not available. Only Squad Operator-IIIís are allowed to tow trailers using squad trucks. We took delivery of Squad 134 March 12th, 1998.

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The committee that was charged w/ the design of this unit was made up of the following members:

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