Requirements to Become A Master Rescue Technician

Master Rescue Technician

Master Rescue Technicians (MRT's) are members of the CARS Technical Rescue Team (TRT) that maintain the following certifications. MRT's typically respond to rescue calls that are unusual and difficult in nature such as building/trench collapse, high-angle rescue and confined space rescue. Technical rescue calls are also the most dangerous type of rescues, usually requiring a high level of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

In order to receive MRT status, an idividual must obtain all of the following certifications:

VA EMT-B certification.                              110 hrs.
Rope Rescue I certification.                          16 hrs.
Rope Rescue II certification.                         32 hrs.
Rope Rescue III certification.                        24 hrs.
Trench Collapse Rescue certification.                 16 hrs.
Confined Space Rescue certification.                  16 hrs.
Building Collapse Rescue certification.               24 hrs.
Fire-fighter I or Basic/Light Rescue certification.   60 hrs.
Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and          8 hrs.
Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus training.
Integrated Incident Command training.                 16 hrs.
Hazardous Materials Awareness certification	       8 hrs.
Any 1 other Heavy/Tactical Rescue (HTR)               16 hrs.
certification, (i.e., vehicle extrication, cave rescue, swift water rescue, farm vehicle
extrication, heavy rescue, etc.)

Total Number of Certification Hours = 346 hrs.

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