CARS has several levels of membership, depending upon the need of the individual and the time they have served. The following is an explanation of each level...

Pre-Probationary is the starting membership level. Before you can move up to the ACTIVE level, you must serve 3 months of pre-probationary status. You will be observing on calls and participating in training and building maintenance/chores, but not anything else.

Active is the basic membership level. After serving your pre-probationary status time, you move up to active. The first 6 months of active membership is considered probationary. Once you become an active member, you are expected to become proficient in providing patient care, participate in 8 hours of stand-by duty per year and attend monthly training meetings. Active members are allowed to vote in annual elections for officers. Active members are given a uniform and pager (if available), can request training funds and receive a free city/county decal for their vehicle.

Life is bestowed to active members who have accumulated 8 years of service. Once you have become a life member, you may either retire (and stay a member of CARS for life but are unable to vote in annual elections), become an active reserve life (run 1/2 of normal time) and retain the right to vote, or remain fully active.

Associate-Support is reserved for members of CARS special operations teams. Associate-Support members do not run regular duty, their only requirement for membership is to stay active on their specialized rescue team. Associate-Support members are not allowed to vote and do not receive training funds.

Associate-Medical is reserved for members of other emergency service organizations, or for active members who find they cannot continue running full-time for a short period. Associate-Medical members must run 1/2 normal duty (24 hours a month) and are not allowed to vote or receive training funds.

Honorary Life is bestowed to certain people by Board of Directors action only.

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