from Jon Smith (5-08)


I was surprised to see the CARS website had a spot for past members to send , and I appreciated being listed as a past member (though I'm actually Jon Smith, not John or Jan, unless they were other people and I'm not listed at all!).

So basically the news here is that I'm an associate professor of English at the University of Montevallo, a liberal arts college outside Birmingham, but am slated to move to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, this fall. For professional stuff, there's my current work website, though it will probably be down in a few months: http://facstaffweb.montevallo.edu/smithjr/

Emily, who was Hurst's sister from that second batch, died in late 2004. She was an AMAZING dog, very stoic about her arthritis in the last year, which was increasingly terrible.

Gail and I are still happily married, no kids.

I didn't do much with cave rescue after CARS, but through the 90s I caved in Kentucky, first with the Cave Research Foundation in Mammoth Cave National Park, then 3-4 day basecamp trips in the Fisher Ridge Cave System just east of the park. Then we moved to Birmingham; I stopped caving and took up gardening, and am now a certified Master Gardener. I still run, but am a lot slower than I used to be. Haven't caved in five years.

Looking at the list, I was sorry that Dave Zimmerman and so many others from the early-90s Tuesday day crew are no longer active, but it's been a long time! My congratulations to those of you who've kept at it these many years.

Jon Smith

from Amy Throckmorton (3-08)

I hope that you are doing well. You may or may not remember me; I would not say that I was an exceptional EMT...but certainly tried my best. I volunteered while I was at UVA in graduate school up until March of 06 and played volleyball occassionally with the CARS team. I left for Indiana to work as postdoctoral fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Indiana University School of Medicine. I have since returned to VA for a professorship in engineering at VCU.

I am working with clinicians at UVA and VCU to use counterpulsation trousers (similar to the trauma trousers) as a clinical management strategy in kids with single ventricle physiology -- the hope is that this periodic compression of the legs over a 30 minute time period may augment venous return and mimic the physiological benefit of low intensity exercise. These kids have very little exercise capacity.

You guys take care!!
Amy Throckmorton

from Shook-Ming So (11-07)

Hello All,

I hope this e-mail finds you plus the gang at CARS well. You might have to dig deep to recall this blast from the past, but I was mostly on Friday Day Crew from 2001-2002, which back then included the likes of Mike Berg, Glen Glazebrook, Scott Currence, Elizabeth Marcello, Deb Grady, Rose Zavada...

I remember making a home video of my CARS experience for my parents, in which you made a cameo, announcing our engagement and telling them that you hope they have lots of money! I still have that video somewhere.

After moving out of C'ville, I moved up to Alaska and became a paramedic (and actually bumped into Koury Eways) and have now gone on to medical school in Arizona. I've been married for a couple of years now, but no kids as of now.

It was fun to checkout the CARS website after so many years and see the names I still recognize. I was shocked and sorry to hear about Nikki Kielar and Waldo Morales. In the brief amount of time I spent with Nikki and Waldo, I got the sense that they were truly great human beings. I'm sure they are missed.

If I ever make it back to Virginia, I'd be sure to stop by and say hi. Until then, be sure to give everyone a big hello for me.

Warm Regards,

Shook-Ming Taylor (formerly So)

from Marjorie Trotter (10-07)

I Was looking at the CARS website tonight.† You all continue to do great things.† To echo some of the thoughts others expressed, CARS gave many of us the skills that launched our careers.† Have been thinking about those days a lot lately because my kids like to hear the stories.

I'm up in Massachusetts and have been home with the kids for a few years.† My son is four, and my daughter just turned three.† Now that both of them are in preschool, I'll be heading back to work as a PA soon.

All the best to everyone at CARS!
Marjorie Trotter Marto

from Jeff Howdyshell (6-07)

Today this morning, I just got back from dropping off a patient at Potomac Hospital (I am riding with Prince William County Fire and Rescue for my I to P Bridge) and while there one of the Lietenants from Prince William County saw my uniform for CARS and said "Well I never thought I would see someone affiliated from CARS this far North" we got to talking and He told me he use to run on the old Crew 2 (The one where Squeaky turned to Squishy). And He told me a few tales of old about CARS and members mishaps and fortunes. He is also a Retired Life Member from I think he said '94 and wanted to say hi to everyone. His name is Jeff Howdyshell. So I pass this message from Lieutenant Jeff Howdyshell of Prince William Fire and Rescue. He says hello and misses all of you from the old days. He sends his bests and wishes CARS the best.

Samer Gaber

from Gerri Porritt (5-07)

The directions sounds like Dayton Haugh's driveway, so I assume he is still captain of the squad. I do hope so, because he was tops when I was there some years ago. I'm a life member and my name is on a plaque out in the hall.

As you will notice, I am now a resident of York, South Carolina and too handicapped to make such a long trip back to C'ville, but I would like to touch base with some old friends from CARS by e-mail, who I assume are still active members. One in particular, William Spencer, and of course Dayton.

In my old age names are elusive and only faces are familiar (I even have trouble remembering who I am at times. LOL) If you would be kind enough to post this for a while so others, who might be inclined, might e-mail me, I would appreciate it.

We have a very small EMS service locally and I was fortunate enough to buy a house next door to a long time member of the rescue squad, who is a little older than me, and he is a good source of information on who, what and how. The paid ambulance service here tends to jump their calls because they get paid for their services, and of course each time it is a tug of war that the hapless patient isn't aware of until the bills arrive. I haven't had occasion to use them yet but I'm sure the time will come. C'vile is fortunate to have such a dedicated and qualified organization to tend their ills.

Keep up the good work, guys, and if he's still there, Rutherford did a great service for me in my last days in town by transporting me home FROM UVa when I was in severe pain. (Too many times carrying fat folks down narrow stairways, I suppose) Also, give my best to john Herndon at UVa. He might remember me.

Sorry to take up so much of your time but I'm starved for information from CARS where I must say, I spent the happiest days of my life. I love you all, even those I never met, and feel that Charlottesville is the luckiest city in the country to have you.

Geraldine "Gerri" Porritt, ST, formerly Crew One.

from Brian Jefferson (8-06)

I hope youíre doing well. Itís Brian Jefferson. I returned an email from Jamie Rosson (Graf) tonight and, of course, made me think of you and my comrades from the good oleí days at CARS. I got married last year (8/13/05) & Iím currently in Philadelphia. I completed my MSN on August 4 from the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. I have a job in Greenville, North Carolina working as a Trauma Nurse Practitioner at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in a Level I Trauma Center affiliated with East Carolina University. We are moving next week. I wonít begin until October as I have to successfully pass my Board Certification Exam in early October. Iím hoping to continue flying per diem with EastCare, which is the flight program for ECU. They have 2.5 helicopters and do over 200 flights a month for 29 counties.

Itís truly amazing the talent that comes out of CARS. I donít mean to make that sound arrogant as a statement of myselfÖbut itís truly amazing the paths in life that folks from CARS tookÖÖmedical school, fire service as a career, nursing, flight nursing/EMS, etc. CARS has truly been a breeding ground for excellent career growth. And itís something that those who have always remained with CARS, such as John Burruss, William Spencer, Dayton Haugh, and others, should be VERY proud of as you guys have helped to shape and/or guide those career paths. I have vivid memories of my days at CARS and STVFD. Those are days I truly miss. And, through the good and bad, it helped to shape my career.

Like I said earlier, I hope all is well. Email back if you get a chance. Take care and God-speed!

Brian Jefferson

from Mark Booz (3-06)

I have since moved to North Carolina, the result of my former employer, First Virginia Bank, being taken over by BB&T. I live about a mile from the campus of Wake Forest, so living here bears some similarities to Charlottesville -- and it is a whole lot better than Northern Virginia!

I have kept up somewhat with the squad's growth and development through the website, and I'm envious. If I could find a way to support my family, I would quit, move back, and re-join. Since that isn't practical, I'll have to settle for what I can. An opportunity is presenting itself next week -- I have to be in Charlottesville on business for a couple days, and I would love to catch up with some of the older squad members -- especially the folks from my time, which was the early to mid-1980's. I see that Pete Davidson is still around and active, and I'm gathering that maybe Bill Henderson, John Hood, and one or two others from that era are also still active. I think I picked up somewhere that Donna Burns is also still around.

Anyhow, any chance you or any of the others might be around next Wednesday night? You are the only person whose e-mail I could find on the website, so you get to be the victim. I'd love to come by the squad house and/or buy you a beer or two. Could you forward this e-mail to some of the rest, or maybe provide their e-mail addresses so I could do the same?

Thanks, John. I hope I get the chance to see you. Take care.


Mark L. Booz
MBooz@BBandT.comBR> Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel
Legal Department
Branch Banking and Trust Company
200 West Second Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101

from Koury Eways (9-05)

Here is the scoop on the past few years. Went to TCC in Va beach became a paramedic, moved to a small town in Alaska and worked as a paramedic FF for 2 years, we worked on an extended scope type of deal. I taught EMS for the FD up there and for the Medical director when he taught Nurse practitioners and EMTs and PA's. Fell in Love with a nurse from Cali who was working in Alaska at the same time I was. We moved to Cali in March, I started working as a Medic for AMR and it just diden't work out. So now I am doing prereqs for nursing school and just got a job in an ICU part time, reading ECGs and helping out with patient care. I miss fighting fire, but I think that this will give me the oppertunity to move around more, and still be able to remain stable financially. Oh yeah and getting married in March, I know what you are thinking but she is really great!

Koury Eways

from Magdalena Marszalkowski (8-05)

I came across the past members page and it kills me to say that i now belong on this page. i miss cars sooooo much!!!! i'm in virginia beach now taking a year off before going to PA school! i'm in the process of joining the virginia beach squad and i'm hoping it fills the void of running calls!! hehe

I hope you are doing well! i saw on the webpage that new ambulances are on the way! how exciting! Hopefully i'll be able to come visit everyone soon! all the best,


oh yeah and my email is magdalena.mars@gmail.com since uva well terminate my account soon!

from Baylor Woodward (9-03)

I was just doing some research (genealogy) on-line and ran into your site and my son's name on your list. Edward Baylor Woodward worked there (CARS) during his undergraduate years at the University. He went to medical school at UVA and now is a board certified general surgeon, an Air Force Major and doing a 2 year fellowship at UCLA in vascular surgery. I know the training he received during his time on your rescue squad was invaluable in his decision to pursue a medical career. I have sent him your web address.

Earlyne B. Woodward

from Kathleen Settle (6-03)

I was just taking a trip down memory lane and I saw that my name wasn't on the old members list. But it appears unfinished, as it stops at the R's. Please don't forget to put my name down...I have a lot of memories from that place.

I'm a doctor now! I graduated from medical school in Philadelphia a month ago. I'm doing my intern year at GW in DC and then I head to Baltimore next summer to complete a four year residency in Radiation Oncology at University of Maryland. Yes indeed, the girl that everyone thought was flighty is going to be an oncologist.

Give my best to Brett and Hunter. :)

Kathleen Settle
(EMT-B 96-99)

from Betty Thiele (3-03)

Hi, it is Betty Thiele, now Martin. Great Web site. i was looking you all up because I recommended to a current UVa student who is considering Medical School that she consider EMT training.

Earle and I finally made it back to Virginia- we are in Falls Church, just outside DC. I am a pathologist at Northern Virginia Community Hospital and Fair Oaks Hospital. He is retired from one company and working on starting several new ventures. We have 3 kids, the oldest of whom is a freshman in college, and the other two are still in high school. We occasionally get ack to Charlottesville and wave to the squad house as we drive by.



from James and Marjorie Wilis (2-03)

I recently saw our names on your web site listing us as charter members of CARS. I am proud to say we were members prior to leaving Charlottesville. I was with the Virginia State Police for 35 years and retired a lieutenant in 1996. Since then I have been a real estate broker in Wytheville. Marjorie is a registered nurse and is Broker/Owner of Century 21 Town & Country Realty, Inc. in Wytheville.


James B. & Marjorie Willis

185 Century Court

Wytheville, Va. 24382

from Katherine Descherer (12-02)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope you are all doing well. I've had a great seven months back in NYC working for FDNY as an EMT. In three months I'll be a paramedic with FDNY and I just got accepted to the next FDNY Firefighter academy (See John, all the tech rescue classes did pay off). If anyone's ever up my way drop me a line and I'll take you with me on calls on the mean streets of NYC!

Katherine DeScherer

from Caryn Malkman (11-02)

Hi everyone! I know its been a while, but I wanted to say hello to all my old friends. Things in Richmond are great and its hard to miss squad that much since MCV is a repository of old members ! Take care and have good holiday season. Give me a buzz if you're ever in Richmond!


from Julie Pendlino (9-02)

Germany has been great so far. Maybe it is because I am not working. Been introduced to their rescue system already when my daughter came to visit. She fell on one of the castle tours and broke her teeth and jaw. Fainted so she hit hard without catching herself. Anyway, she spent most of her time here with her jaw wired shut. The doctor showed up first in his response car and was complaining there weren't enough paramedics. They didn't stabilize her and made her walk down two flights of stairs out of the castle to the ambulance--blood dripping everywhere. Glad I didn't have to clean it up. The also don't believe in treating pain. Needless to say she was pretty miserable. Anyway, she is back in the states now with braces on and some dental work ahead after her when her jaw heals completely. Maybe her next visit will be better. Hope all is well at cars!


from Linda West (3-02)

E- mail address for Josh and Linda West Shipley is Jshipnzsun@aol.com. Left a note on the guest list and e-mailed John Herndon. Hope all is well with all our old cronies. We love Florida. Jay O'Meara and Steve Key were just here fishing with Josh. We're on the coast just about 90 minutes from Disney. Come see us. xxxooo to all!


from Baylor Woodward (2-02)

I don't know if you remember me, but I was a member of CARS from 1990-92 I think. I was a UVA student. I was on Crew 6 with Dayton Haugh. Anyway, I typed my name on a search engine and your website came up! I went to medical school at UVA, graduated and did a residency in general surgery. I graduated last June and am currently a surgeon for the Air Force and a stationed in Tokyo,Japan now. Anyway, just thought I'd say "hello". Tell Dayton I said hi!

E. Baylor Woodward, M.D., Capt., USAF General Surgeon


from Nelson Thaemert (12-01)
Greetings from Boston!
Warm wishes to you and your family on this holiday season. As the weather turns colder and the snow starts to fall, I hope everyone enters the season happy, healthy and contented.

This has been an eventful year for me, as I suppose it has been for many others. We have all seen the life changing events of the world unfold over the last few months, which have not only united us as people, but also left some ofus with new perspective on life and what we should be thankful for. Entering the holiday season, I am comforted by the thoughts that I am both warm and well fed, surrounded by people who care about me.

My life has seen a number of changes in the last twelve months, and looking back, has been quite an adventure. In the last year, I have interviewed for jobs, graduated (wahoo!!), traveled overseas, moved to a new city, started work, and adjusted to a resident's life without sleep. All in all, a boring year. Hee, hee.

Virginia was a great place to live, but after fifteen years, it was time to go out and see the world. With that in mind, I climbed out of my hole and moved north to New England. Boston has been great. It took considerable adjustment in the beginning - navigating streets laid out 200 years ago when lifestock were kept on Boston Common and contending with drivers that are worse than those from New York and Paris was just the beginning. Luckily, I've adjusted and figured out that the word "y'all", which was so acceptable in the mountains of Virginia (but the clear mark of an outsider in Boston), can easily and conveniently be replaced in one's vocabulary with the word "yooz." Start talking faster, walking faster, and promise to call your "mutha" on her birthday, and you have the perfect formula for survival in the Northeast. Sprinkle in dinner at a Sushi restaurant and drinks at an Irish bar, and you will have perfected yuppie life. Sadly, no BMW to brag about in the annual Christmas "I am wonderful" letter.

Life at work has been, well, work, but as my mutha keeps reminding me, nobody ever said internship was easy. That said, the year is almost halfway behind me. I've learned a lot, figured out who is my friend (and who is not), and tried to remain polite when I'm feeling like Oscar the grouch. It does feel good to be gainfully employed, and as long as I get over the notion that I paid "How much?" to go to medical school, I am pleased that some days I really AM more than a glorified errand boy. In all seriousness, work has been very rewarding and I feel fortunate to have found a profession to call my own. As my commencement speaker put it so well, "The purpose of life is a life ofpurpose." Enough said.

I had a great trip to Europe this past summer. After three days in Paris and a week in Ireland, I think my first words when I got home were "I want to go back." Luckily, my parents did not pack me in a crate and ship me off. Now that I've had a chance to get some work under my belt, I am looking forward to my trip to Rome for a week in February for some rest, relaxation, and maybe a little red wine. As the holidays draw nearer, I'm looking forward to coming home to Virginia to see my family. I hope that all of you have a safe and joyous holiday, filled with comforts of home and the company of close friends and family. Best wishes to everyone in your family this holiday season.


from Chuck Reinhold (9-01)
Hey CARS!!
Was surfing the web while on detail, and came across the web page! I haven't visited it in a long time, but it looks great! Right now I'm stationed at Fort Sill, OK on Active Duty in the Field Artillery. The terrorist attack happened yesterday, and the post is on THREATCON DELTA. Basically lockdown! I'll be going down to Fort Hood Friday for an exercise, and when I come back I'll be transferred to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Field Artillery, which is a PALADIN unit. The Paladin is a M109-A6, self propelled, 155mm howitzer. Before I came on Active Duty, I was working with Prince William Fire & Rescue, but got placed on Active Duty. It looks like I may return to VA in the spring 2003. Hope all is well with everybody at CARS! Take care!
Chuck Reinhold
Bravo 1st BN, 40th FA
Fort Sill, OK 73503

from Laura Williams (8-01)
i'm doing well, thanks. where to start? LA is fun. i never would have moved out here if i wasn't assigned to this field office, so in that respect it has been a good experience. the people in CA are whacky, they are only interested in what goes on locally and know nothing about the rest of the country, not to mention the rest of the world. i work in the federal building on wilshire blvd. there are about 800 FBI agents and then the state department has the first floor of the bldg. when i am in town i investigate passport and visa fraud, mostly white-collar stuff but it can often lead to other crimes. i work a lot with the LAPD, USMS, USCS, and the FBI.

but since i moved out here in april, i have been all over the world. in may, the dalai lama came to the US for about 3 weeks and i was on his security detail. he was a lot of fun. in june, i spent 35 days in israel doing protection into gaza and the west bank, then i was in rome for the SECSTATE visit in preparation for the G8 summit in genoa. flying back, i was asked to be on the plane team, so i got to fly in airforce 1. it was WAY cool. too bad i was exhausted after working the night shift in rome. we had a refuel stop in shannon, ireland and you should have seen the people at this little airport! they were so excited to see the plane. i recently was accepted to take a security officer position at the embassy in tel aviv starting in march of 2002. i will be in DC for training from nov-feb. becoming a firearms instructor and learning what to do if the embassy needs to evacuate, etc. this job is difficult to explain in an email! the "super" EMT class sounds very cool. i can only imagine the CARS membership to increase greatly after you teach it some more. i hope to get back to cville at some point this fall/winter and maybe catch a UVA football game.

Laura Williams

from Claudia Bryner (5-01)
Hello, By chance I came across your site while doing a global search on cars--the list of names brings back extremely fond memories. I was a member twenty five years ago. What a great time we had! Unfortunately, I have lost touch with almost all of the members and am sadden to see so many that I ran with have died. I found your home page and am delighted to see a couple of names I recognize--Bob Jac & Dayton! My era was the first to have certified EMTs, first Cardiac techs and first paramedics. We bought the first Cardiac Truck--and I remember being the driver when we crashed the one of the new ones. Dr. Wallenborn was our squad surgeon and Dr. Crampton championed advanced life support and the use of telemetry with the UVA ER. Yes, I remember having to leave the building at 8:00pm and I remember when women first started "sleeping over." It was quite a scandal for some folks. I live in Norfolk, Virginia, designing large network systems for Internet Service Providers. I have a large family--great husband and 2 kids left at home. I'd love to hear from any old members who remember the "good old days." (Can't believe I'm old enough to say that). Thanks for the URL and email address. Sincerely, Claudia A. Bryner (Wade)

from Adam Turk (7-00)
It is amazing to see this list. I was a member in the mid 70's. Eventually went on to become a Family Practice physician practicing near Philadelphia. Fond memories and good education in my time with the Squad. I wonder what happened to my crazy partner the "Goat Man." Good luck to all of you!

from Gail Bowdish (4-00)
Hello! I have fond memories of my sleepless nights in Charlottesville. I left in 1987 to attend Mayo Medical School, then from 1991-1994 I completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. My first job was in Mankato, MN, then I moved to Duluth/Superior on Lake Superior so I could be closer to my sailboat, Aerie. I took up sailing during residency in order to really get away from the hospital. I have competed in two Trans-Superior races (nonstop across Lake Superior) and in 1985, my crew was the first ever all-woman crew to finish the race. It took us four days and four hundred miles in all kinds of weather. In 1998, I moved to Michigan, where I now work at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon, joined the Muskegon Yacht Club and sail on Lake Michigan. In October 1998, I ran into past CARS member Bob Denton (who was my run partner) and his wife and daughter at an emergency medicine conference in San Diego. Friendships made at CARS really do stand the test of time.

Gail Bowdish

from Mark Booz (3-00)
I don't know if you remember me; it's Mark Booz, and I was on the squad in the mid-80s. (I was on WARS for a few years before that). I only now discovered that CARS has a home page. It looks like you deserve credit for it. It's great! I still haven't had a chance to get through it all.

You may or may not recall that when I left C'ville, I moved to Atlanta to take a job with a big law firm. I never fell in love with Atlanta or with the big law firm life, and always thought about returning to Virginia. Three years ago I got that chance when I was offered a job as Assistant General Counsel for First Virginia Banks, Inc. at its corporate headquarters in Falls Church. I'm stuck in the occupied portion of the state (I live in Annandale), but it's a whole lot better than Georgia. Along the way, I acquired a wife, two daughters, a dog, and a mortgage.

I see Steve and Kathy Chappell regularly -- we go to the same church. I get to C'ville on business on occasion, and I always drive by the squad house. I have never stopped in, though, for fear I won't see anyone I know.

I still regard my years on the squad as the best thing I've done with my life to date. It was a whole lot more rewarding than being a lawyer (although that's not saying much).

My regards to my old running mates -- Darlene Rea, Linda Johnson, Bob Jac, Pete Davidson, Bill Henderson, Larry Adams, John Hood, Glenys Dix, Lewis Pound, Ann Turman, and anyone else who may be around.

Let me know if I can ever do anything for you or the squad.

Mark Booz

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