Jefferson Country Fire/Rescue Association Members

Stations, Organizations and Apparatus

Station Organization Apparatus

203 Ridge Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 970-3240

Charlottesville Fire Department

E-4, E-5, E-7, T-1, T-2, AU-1, BC

Fire Station 1
Rt. 250 By-Pass
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 296-4092

Charlottesville Fire Department

E-1, E-2

Fire Station 2
3501 Steamer Drive
Keswick, VA 22947
(434) 293-6722

East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department

RE-24, E-21, E-22, A-22, TA-26, TA-28, B-25,
Car 20, Car 21, Car 22

Fire Station 3
P.O. Box 33
North Garden, VA 22959
(434) 971-1583

North Garden Volunteer Fire Company

E-32, RE-34, B-31, B-36, TA-39, U-38, Car 30

Fire Station 4
283 Reas Ford Road
Earlysville, VA 22936
(434) 973-8862

Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company

E-41, E-45, TA-49, B-43, B-46, SU-47, Car 40, Car 42

Fire Station 5
5624 Three Notch'd Road
Crozet Va, 22932
(434) 823-4758

Crozet Volunteer Fire Department

RE-52, E-54, E-56, E-58, TA-57, B-53, B-55,
U-59, Car 50, Car 51

Fire Station 6
3027 Stony Point Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434) 973-7733

Stony Point Volunteer Fire Company

E-61, RE-62, TA-69, U-65, B-63
Car 60, Car 61

Fire Station 7
141 Irish Road
Scottsville, VA 24590
(434) 286-2841

Scotsville Fire Department

E-72, E-73, TA-77, TA-79, BR-75, U-76, HM-78, Car-70

Fire Station 8
3055 Berkmar Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434) 973-1811

Seminole Trail Fire Department

RE-81, E-82, E-84, RE-85, SAL-87, U-86, TL-88, Car 80, Car 81, Car 89

Fire Station 9
P.O. Box 911
Charlottesville, VA
(434) 293-6722

Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport

CFR-92, CFR-93, CFR-94

Fire Station 10
2 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22904
(434) 971-1691

Charlottesville Fire Department


Fire Station 11
25 Mill Creek Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 295-0836

ACFR Monticello Fire & Rescue

E-111, T-115, M-111, TA-111

Fire Station 12
3575 Innovation Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22911
(434) 972-4150

ACFR Hollymead Fire & Rescue

E-121, M-121, TL-121, TA-121

Rescue Company 1
828 McIntire Road
Charlottesvile, VA 22902
(434) 296-4825

Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad

M-140, M-141, M-142, M-143, M-145, M-146, M-147, RSQ-133, RSQ-135, Logistics 137, Water Rescue 136, Support 138, Car 130, Car 131, Car 132, Command 139, Boat 100, Boat 101, Collapse Trailer, Special Event Trailer, Gator 1

Rescue Company 5
P.O. Box 188
Crozet, VA 22932
(434) 823-5103

Western Albemarle Rescue Squad

M-501, M-503, M-504, RSQ-505, Car 506, Car 507, Gator 5

Rescue Company 7
805 Irish Road
Scottsville, VA 24590
(434) 286-3979

Scottsville Rescue Squad

M-703, M-705, M-706, WR-704, RSQ-709, Car 700, Car 708, Utility 709, Boat 700, Boat 701

Rescue Company 8
3053 Berkmar Drive
Charlottesville, VA
(434) 973-9511

Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad

M-844, RSQ-834


  • E = Engine. An engine company is the basic fire suppression unit. Engines are capable of pumping water and carry a complement of hose. Most of the recently purchased apparatus have pumps that are capable of pumping water at approximately 1000 gallons per minute. Some engines are also outfitted to flow foam and other special extinguishing agents.

  • RE = Rescue Engine. The same capabilities as an engine company but also carries hydraulic rescue equipment for simple vehicle extrications.

  • L = Ladder. Ladders are commonly known to lay people as "hook and ladders" or to firefighters as "trucks." A truck company's main distinguishing feature is its mounted aerial ladder; These ladders range from 85 to 110 feet in length. Truck companies also carry a large complement of ground ladders, forcible entry equipment, fans for ventilation, and salvage equipment.

  • L = Tower Ladder. Same as a Ladder, except has a platform on the end of the ladder.

  • RSQ = Rescue Squad. Rescue Squads are essentially large tool boxes, which carry many specialized tools for rescue and fire suppression. Many people are familiar with one piece of equipment carried on rescue squads: the Hurst Tool. This is a hydraulic rescue tool used to free people trapped in auto accidents. In addition to the rescue equipment, rescue squads also carry much of the same fire suppression and forcible entry tools that a truck company does. On fire calls, the rescue squads function much like a truck company without an aerial ladder.

  • M = Medic. Medic units, while they can function as ambulances, are also capable of providing advanced life support (IV and drugs) to critically ill/injured persons. Medic units carry electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring equipment, drugs, advanced airway care equipment and other items for the critical patient. Medic units are normally dispatched on heart attacks, trouble breathing, allergic reactions, auto accidents with critical injuries (trauma), and other such calls.

  • B = Brush Truck. Brush trucks are four wheel drive vehicles, which are usually in the pick-up truck size. The vehicles have small pumps and special equipment for "brush" or woods fires. The only common urban use for these vehicles is fighting fires in underground parking garages where their low clearance is of use.

  • AU = Air Unit. Air units are designed to refill large numbers of self contained breathing apparatus cylinders on large scale incidents. Air units can be outfitted on vehicles of varying sizes. Some air units are comprised on many large storage cylinders that are "off-loaded" into the smaller bottles used by firefighters. Other systems actually have compressors built on the air unit.

  • HM = Hazardous Materials Unit. "Hazmat" unit is the short name for a hazardous materials team. Hazmat teams are specially trained and equipped to deal with chemical spills and leaks. Sometimes these chemicals are hazardous, while other times they only cause environmental hazards and need to be cleaned up.

  • U = Utility. Utilities are support vehicles such as pick-up trucks, maintenance vehicles and other support units. Utilities are sometimes used in a first-responder role.

  • BC = Battalion Chief. Runs box alarm assignments and selected still alarm assignments as a incident commander.

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