another day in the life of our rescuers

On July 16th, 1997, CARS was dispatched to a multi-vehicle accident with persons trapped on I-64 at the 128 mile marker. On arrival, we found an 18-wheeler had lost control and demolished 4 vehicles before coming to rest on a 5th. Here, CARS vehicle rescue technicians work to remove a victim severely pinned in the first car struck. The 18-wheeler can be seen in the background on its side.

A reverse-angle shot of the same car. This is a 4-door automobile! (At first, our personnel thought it was a 2-door Fierro). The gasoline tank was ruptured on impact and rescuers had to work in puddles of gasoline to effect the rescue, (lucky for the driver it was raining). Engine 10's crew was standing by with a 1 3/4" hose line just in case.

Another victim of the runaway truck. This 4-door Volvo sustained heavy damage to the front and rear "crumple zones", but notice the passenger compartment is totally intact. This is a feature that car engineers strive for in modern automobiles. The occupants in this car escaped without injury!

The culprit. The driver of the car saw the truck coming and managed to throw himself over to the passenger side before he was struck. Luckily, he was alone and he managed to crawl out the passenger window before arrival of emergency services. We transported only 3 people from this accident, the driver of the red car was the only one admitted to UVA Medical Center, (last report is that she is doing fine). Units that responded to this accident were Engines 10 & 21, Medics 140 & 138, Cars 20 & 132, Squad 133, Duty 1 & Rescue 109. During this accident, CARS was also dispatched to another accident with people trapped on Rt. 20 south. Engines 4 & 72, Medic 136, Squad 134 & Rescue 102 handled that call.

* A funny note about this call. Initially, the driver of the 18-wheeler declined to be treated for an ankle injury she sustained in the accident. After fire/rescue had left the scene, she got back into the truck to retrieve some papers for the police officer investigating the accident. The door to the truck became stuck and she started complaining of ankle/leg pain. Fire/rescue was called back to the scene to extricate her from the truck!

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