Each year (or so), CARS plays the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department in a full contact, tackle football game called the "Fire/Rescue Bowl". Even though there have been a few injuries here and there, we always seem to have a good time and draw a big crowd. The game is always played around the weekend of Thanksgiving. Come on out and cheer us on to victory!

Game History

1991STVFD36-011-30-91Agnor/Hurt Middle School
1993STVFD18-611-27-93Agnor/Hurt Middle School
1994CARS18-011-20-94Agnor/Hurt Middle School
1995CARS36-011-19-95Agnor/Hurt Middle School
1997CARS50-1211-30-97Albemarle High School
1998STVFD21-1611-29-98Agnor/Hurt Middle School

CARS Football Team in Action!

CARS (blue T-shirts) lines up to after gaining a first down. We play by intramural rules, football referees from the University if Virginia intramural program are on-site to make sure play is fair. Depending on the situation, we either line in a "I" formation (shown here), or "wishbone" formation. Defensively we play a 4-3 formation. Only 10 people play per side, 3 linemen are not allowed to catch.

Bert lines up on defense. We lost the game this year due in large part because he got hurt (broken tail) in the first half. We simply could not recover!

The after-game photo ('98 game). CARS players are in the light blue shirts, STVFD in the dark blue shirts. After the game we usually party together and talk "what-if" all afternoon. The competition is very stiff, each side playing for bragging rights for the following year. The trophy you see goes to the victor who keeps it till the next game. The keeper of the trophy is expected to add something to it each year so it constantly grows.

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