CARS TRT members conduct a simulated confined space rescue during FTX Spring 98. The FTX was held in conjunction with a confined space rescue class taught by Virginia Department of Fire Programs Heavy & Tactical Rescue Instructors. The red and blue lines you see are umbilical cords that provide air, communications and safety line to each rescuer while they are in the space. This exercise was to rescue a worker who was unconscious 100' inside a 22" underground pipe.

As part of the class this confined space mock-up, known as the "Worm", is used as an introduction to the student as to what it is like inside a pipe. The angle of the pipe makes it very difficult to climb, necessitating teamwork in order for al participants to pass through. The Worm is part of the training cache of the VDFP and is easily broken down and set-up in any number of different configurations.

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