DATE: April 10th, 2004
PURPOSE: To establish a set of guidelines for the collection and release of ALS providers. This shall serve to provide a consistent process for ALS providers to follow.

I. ALS Classes and Release Processes

The Clinical Review and Training Committee does not want to discourage anyone from furthering their education as a care provider; however they do want to stress the importance of strong basic life support skills. Therefore, a provider may take a EMT-E or EMT-I class at anytime, but there will be time restrictions for when they may begin collecting for release as an ALS technician. The CRAT Committee has set for the following timelines for when the provider may begin collecting ALS calls once they are certified. For the most part these are minimum time periods that have been established. It does not guarantee that a provider will begin collecting or be released within those specified times. Upon receipt of their ALS certification card, the provider must get the approval of the CRAT Committee to begin the collection process. The Committee reserves the right to extend or deny the collecting time based on the provider's clinical performance, comfort level and/or their preceptor's recommendation.

II. ALS Providers From Outside the TJEMS Region

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