COMMITTEES FOR 2009 - 2010

Committees are made up of Squad members and handle different areas of operation of the organization. All committee members serve for the fiscal year for which they are appointed or until their successors are appointed.

Executive Committee - This committee is responsible for matters pertaining to the Squad policies and operations as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to transact business for the Squad.

Report Board - This board shall conduct a hearing for members who violate the operating rules of the Squad or engage in conduct reflecting discredit on the Squad and report to the Board of Directors any disciplinary action taken. All decisions and actions of the Report Board are subject to review by the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee - This committee shall be responsible for overseeing the Squadís investments and financial planning and advising the Boar of Directors concerning Squad investments.

Membership Committee - This committee shall, upon receipt of a complete application for membership, perform an investigation of the background of the applicant to determine their eligibility for membership. This investigation may include, but is not limited to; reviewing DMV records, criminal histories, and personal and professional references. The committee shall then report to the Board of Directors whether the applicant should be accepted as a pre-probationary member. The Committee shall also be responsible for reviewing all requests for membership status changes and making a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding such changes. The Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of new members and retention of the general membership. It shall be responsible for new member orientation to the organization, its policies and procedures, its structure, and its history. Members on this committee are appointed by the Chief.

House Committee - This committee shall be responsible for all the rules pertaining to conduct in the use of the Squad building and grounds. This committee shall assist the Treasurer in making an annual report as to the cost of maintenance and repair of the Squad building and grounds.

Investigations Committee - This committee shall be responsible for investigating the merits and costs of all purchases. All purchases must be presented to the Investigations Committee prior to presentation to the Board of Directors for approval. The recommendation of the Committee will be referred to the Board of Directors for approval or disapproval.

Technology Committee - This committee shall be responsible for exploring, designing, recommending, implementing, maintaining & updating technologies that improve service delivery & safety of members.

Safety Committee - This committee shall investigate all accidents involving Squad vehicles, equipment or building and injury to members while engaged in Squad functions. A report of each occurrence will be made to the Board of Directors, along with any recommended changes in Squad operating procedures.

Infection Control Sub-Committee This subcommittee shall be responsible for developing guidelines and procedures related to infectious diseases, vaccination and testing, and exposure investigation and follow-up. Exposures will be reported to the Safety Committee by the Communicable Disease Liaison/Designated Officers, along with any recommended changes in Squad operating procedures.

Clinical Review & Training Committee - This committee shall review all evaluations and other documentation pertaining to performance of all Probationary members. Recommendations regarding the Probationary memberís status shall be forwarded to the Membership Committee for any action.

This committee shall also establish policy, procedure, and guidelines regarding delivery of patient care. This shall include making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding medical equipment, standard operating procedures, clearance and advancement of practicing personnel and individual issues regarding standards of care. The responsibilities of the committee shall include, but are not limited to the following:

- developing minimum standards and expectations that must be met by all care providers, potential care providers, and preceptors;

- set policy for ongoing evaluation of a providerís quality of care;

- establish and publish a policy by which providers may be released to practice at their respective level of training without supervision;

- determine at which level a provider may practice and a provider must receive the explicit approval of the Committee before practicing at any level. Provider review by this Committee or its designee shall occur as a memberís certification level advances or at any other time as deemed appropriate by the Committee;

- establishing a plan to regularly assess and evaluate medical equipment. The Committee shall be knowledgeable of advances in medical technology and prehospital emergency medicine. It shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding upgrades, changes, additions, or deletions of equipment as necessary;

- set requirements and guidelines for members who wish to enroll in certain Advanced Life Support classes provided by the UVA Prehospital Program. Members must request and gain approval from the Committee before pre-testing for, or enrolling in any such class;

- oversee a clinical training program for the organization. In addition to continuing education provided by the local EMS Council or the UVA Pre-Hospital program, the Committee shall identify medical and rescue training needs within the organization and plan training to address those needs. - conduct regular intra-squad training;

- is responsible for the review of any issues or concerns relating to patient care or medical equipment;

- is responsible for conducting investigations of incidents or complaints regarding patient care or medical equipment and taking action as appropriate;

- can take disciplinary action up to and including the suspension or revocation of a memberís privilege to practice.

BOARD of DIRECTORS for 2009-2010

The management and control of business and operations of the Corporation shall be vested in the Board of Directors consisting of eighteen (18) persons, of which eleven (11) shall be active squad members. Following its election as provided in the By-laws, the returning and newly elected members of the Board of Directors will elect six (6) non-active or non-members of the Squad. Of the six non-active or non-member directors, four shall be from outside of the squad (two of whom may be retired life members) and two shall be from life members.

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