Listed are the fire & rescue certifications recognized and accepted by CARS. With each is a brief explanation of the certification along with the certifying agency and number of people in our organization that have received it. This list is updated in December of each year.

CARS is a self-certifying agency. This means that the classes we teach meet and/or exceed NFPA and VDFP standards and the certificate you receive will have our organization's name on it. For many reasons, we stop issuing VAVRS & VDFP certificates in 2005. All classes taught by our members are state-of-the-art.

Classes taught locally can be found here.

Basic & Light Duty Rescue (Rescue Technician I)

Building Collapse Rescue - Concrete

Building Collapse Rescue - Light/Wood-Frame

Cave Rescue

Confined Space Rescue - Technician

FEMA Structural Collapse Rescue Technician

Fire Fighter I

Fire Fighter II

Mayday!, Fire Fighter Down

Hazardous Materials - Awareness

Hazardous Materials - Operations

Ice Rescue

Rescue Systems I

Rope Rescue I

Rope Rescue II

Rope Rescue III

Rope Rescue IV

SCUBA Diver - Basic

SCUBA Diver - Openwater

SCUBA Diver - Advanced

Dive Rescue I

Swift Water Rescue - Awareness

Swift Water Rescue - Operations

Trench Rescue

Vehicle Rescue - Operations

Vehicle Rescue - Technician (Bus)

Vehicle Rescue - Technician (Heavy Truck)

Vehicle Rescue - Technician (Farm Machine)

Certifying Agencies

ARK = ARK Technical Rescue Training Services, Inc.
CARS = Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad
CMC = California Mountain Company
DRI = Dive Rescue International
VDFP = Virginia Department of Fire Programs
FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency
MFRI = Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
NFA = National Fire Academy
NFPA = National Fire Protection Association
NAUI = National Associations of Underwater Instructors
PADI = Professional Association of Dive Instructors
RQ3 = Rescue 3 International
VAVRS = Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads

NFPA 1670 - Operations and Training for Technical Rescue Incidents

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