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Heavy Squad

Heavy Squad

Command Car

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Logistics Unit

Special Events Trailer

Collapse Rescue Trailer

Gator 1

Fleet Demographics

Unit NumberYear/ManufacturerModelTypeCost
Car 1301998 ChevroletSuburban 4-wdALS Zone Car$60,000
Car 1311998 GMCTahoe 4-wdALS Zone Car$52,000
Car 1322002 ChevroletImpalaALS Zone Car$25,000
Squad 1331986 Mack/SaulsburyMC/18' Rescue BoxHeavy Squad$186,000
Squad 1341996 International/Pierce4800 series 4-wd/13.5' Rescue BoxHeavy Squad$210,000
Squad 1352003 Mack/PierceMR/19.5' NWI Rescue BoxHeavy Squad$380,000
Water Rescue 1362001 Ford/AEVF-550 4-wdWater Rescue Truck$130,000
Logistics 1371992 International/Hackney4700Mass Casuality & Logistics Truck$25,000
Support 1382001 FordF-350 Crew CabFleet Operations Vehicle$30,000
Car 1392004 FordExcursion 4-wdCommand Car$45,000
Medic 1402008 Ford/AEVF-450Type I Ambulance$137,000
Medic 1412006 Ford/AEVF-450 4-wdType I Ambulance$122,000
Medic 1422002 Ford/AEVF-350 4-wdType I Ambulance$90,000
Medic 1432001 Ford/AEVF-350 4-wdType I Ambulance$98,000
Medic 1442005 Ford/AEVF-450 4-wdType I Ambulance$122,000
Medic 1452002 Ford/AEVF-350 4-wdType I Ambulance$100,000
Medic 1462005 Ford/AEVF-450 4-wdType I Ambulance$122,000
Medic 1472005 Ford/AEVF-450 4-wdType I Ambulance$122,000
Car 1482001 FordCrown VictoriaChief's Carn/a
Car 1492005 FordCrown VictoriaOperational Medical Director's Car$9,000
Collapse Trailer1990 Wells Cargo20' 14,000 lb. capacityCollapse Rescue Trailer$7,500
Special Events Trailer1995 Wells Cargo16' 7,700 lb. capacitySpecial Events Support Trailer$7,200
Special Events Trailer2001 United Trailers18' 10,000 lb. capacitySpecial Events Support Trailer$20,000
Boat1997 Zodiac12' / 55 Hp Yamaha jet-driveRescue Boat$9,500
Boat1972 Boston Whaler13' / 30 Hp Yamaha prop-driveRescue Boat
Boat1998 Zodiac11' / 10 Hp Johnson prop-driveRescue Boat$9,500
Gator 12003 John Deer4x2 Utility GatorQuick Response Vehicle$8,000

Vehicle ID Numbers

Unit NumberCARS ID
Car 130CCZ95D6193
Car 131CCZ9835464
Car 132CCZ9864712
Squad 133MSS8601262
Squad 134IPS9667788
Squad 135MPS0220518
Water Rescue 136FAS0132031
Logistics 137IHS9276783
Support 138FCZ0178942
Car 139FCZ0477817
Medic 140FAA0730985
Medic 141FAA0501817
Medic 142FAA0244642
Medic 143FAA0133227
Medic 144FAA0093973
Medic 145FAA0137886
Medic 146FAA0523860
Medic 147FAA0523861
Car 148FXZ0168597
Car 149FXZ053076
Collapse TrailerWCT9048316

The vehicle ID number is made up using the following information:
1st letter = chassis manufacturer (F = Ford, C = Chevrolet, G = GMC)
2nd letter = body manufacturer (A = AEV, S = Saulsbury, P = Pierce, H = Hackney, X = n/a)
3rd letter = vehicle type (A = ambulance, Z = car, T = trailer, S = squad)
next 2 numbers = date of manufacturer (07 is 2007)
last 5 numbers = last 5 numbers of VIN (useful when ordering parts)

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