Welcome to the Logistics 137 interactive tour. To take a look at what is carried in each compartment, just click on on the compartment to see inside as well as give you a complete list of what is carried. To see the truck's specifications and capabilities, see below.

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On occasion, CARS runs a call where many people are injured and require more medical equipment that can be carried in an ambulance. These calls are called "mass casualty incidents" and usually occur as the result of a large vehicle accident. These incidents require the response of a dedicated unit that carries a lot of everything you may need.

Our mass casualty unit is called Logistics 137. It is fully equipped to triage and treat 150 patients of each priority category. For years we had a 16' trailer which required experienced drivers and a dedicated towing vehicle. In 2003 we made the decision to switch to a self-propelled vehicle to carry more equipment and have the ability of having any ambulance driver being able to drive it. We acquired a well-used bottled water truck and did all the work in-house.

Everything about the truck was designed with simplicity in mind. In compartment #7 there is a box that is labeled "Start Here." By pulling out this box and reading the instructions, anyone can run a mass casualty incident with minimal training.

The cargo is segregated and stored in colored boxes. Each color represents a triage color and goes with its colored tarp. This sets up 3 individual treatments stations that are independant of each other and are self-sufficient. In case the truck is out-of-service for an extended period of time, the boxes can be moved to a rental truck and we keep our MCI capability at 100%.

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