Welcome to the Squad 135 interactive tour. To take a look at what is carried in each compartment, just click on on the compartment to see inside as well as give you a complete list of what is carried. To see the truck's specifications and capabilities, see below.

Compartment 1 Driver's Door Wing Door Compartment 2 Compartment 3 Compartment 4 Belly Compartment 1 Belly Compartment 2 Belly Compartment 3

Compartment 8 Compartment 7 Compartment 6 Compartment 5 Wing Door Underslung Compartment 6 Underslung Compartment 5 Underslung Compartment 4 Roof Compartment 1 Roof Compartment 2 Roof Compartment 3 Roof Compartment 4 Officer's Door

Front Bumper Compartments Compartment 9 Ladder Compartment

Collapse Trailer

Squads are essentially large tool boxes, which carry many specialized tools for rescue and fire suppression. Many people are familiar with one piece of equipment carried on rescue squads: the Hurst "Jaws of Life" rescue tool. This is a hydraulic rescue tool used to free people trapped in auto accidents. In addition to the rescue equipment, rescue squads also carry much of the same fire suppression and forcible entry tools that a truck company does. On fire calls, the rescue squads function much like a truck company without an aerial ladder. The minimum manning personnel is a squad operator and senior rescue technician. CARS operates three heavy rescue trucks.

Squad 135 is assigned to the CARS Technical Rescue Team and is designed to carry and support the TRT's equipment. Its primary response capability is confined space, rope, and building collapse rescue. It carries adequate equipment to repond to vehicle rescue and fire incidents if necessary. This truck is set-up to supply air and electricity 400' away from the vehicle, making it ideal for high-rise fire firefighting support. Squad 135 also tows the TRT's 24' trench collapse rescue trailer.

Specifications for Squad 135

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