Squad 133 and Rescue Squad 28

Our truck committee members picked up Squad 133 after her refurbishment in at the Saulsbury plant where she was originally built. On their return to Charlottesville, they stopped by our sister squad in Wheaton, MD to look over their squad truck which also had been recently refurbished. Rescue Squad 28 is a 1996 MACK MC with a E-One rescue body. Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad (WVRS) operates two heavy rescue trucks and they boast the fact that their heavy rescue is the busiest in the state of Maryland! Not only do they run vehicle and heavy rescue calls, they respond box alarm assignments in their first-due area and fight fire with local fire departments. These guys are great to work with, we used to have 2-3 of our guys up there riding along every Friday & Saturday night. We have learned a lot from them, WVRS is definitely a class act.

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