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Squads are essentially large toolboxes, which carry many specialized tools for rescue and fire suppression. Many people are familiar with one piece of equipment carried on rescue squads: the Jaws of Life. This is a hydraulic rescue tool used to free people trapped in auto accidents. In addition to the rescue equipment, rescue squads also carry much of the same fire suppression and forcible entry tools that a truck company does. On fire calls, the rescue squads function much like a truck company without an aerial ladder. The minimum manning personnel is a squad operator and senior rescue technician. CARS operates two rescue squad trucks.

Squad 133 is a 1986 Mack MC with an 18' Saulsbury Rescue Box. This is our primary vehicle for all heavy duty rescue, industrial rescue, technical rescue and fire suppression. We respond this unit on all MVA's that occur on 4-lane highways or those that involve tractor-trailers. The original cost of this truck was $168,000, (compare that price to the price of our smaller squad truck, 134). The power plant is a Maxidyne EM6-350 diesel, which develops 350 horsepower @ 2,300 rpm. The transmission is a Allison HT 740 - 4 speed automatic. The engine was completely rebuilt in 1998. The box is stainless steel with aluminum doors.

Members on the 1986 Truck Committee that designed Squad 133 include:

Currently, this unit runs approximately 350+ calls a year and has accumulated 61,000+ miles on the chassis. It is automatically assigned to MVA's on I-64, Rt. 250, and Rt. 29 in addition to any heavy rescue situations and 2nd alarm or greater fires. It is also available to be special-called by other squads and fire departments.

Squad 133 is set up to perform the following functions:

Squad 133 has the following equipment:

Although we would like the minimum manning to be 3 personnel, our current manpower level will not allow it. Squad 133 is equipped with a TV camera system that activates anytime the truck is placed in reverse, so if a spotter is not available the driver can still safely back-up.

In August of 1996, the CARS Board of Directors approved a major refurbishment project for Squad 133. A truck committee was organized with the following members:

The truck has now been returned to us and is in front-line status. Please feel free to contact any of the truck committee members for information regarding this unit.

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